Can You Put A Knife In The Toaster When It’s Off?

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There are certain risks you should avoid matter how tempting they are. The result of putting a knife into a toaster is unpleasant, and this is true for a toaster that is off as well as that which is on. If you’re unsure how dangerous this could be, then keep reading to find out more.

So, can you put a knife in a toaster when it’s off? The simple answer to this question would be no. Don’t ever attempt to put a knife into a toaster, whether the toaster is on or not, it may lead to potentially fatal electrocution.

From basic physics, we learned that metals are conductors of electricity, allowing voltage to pass through them.

As such, when you put a metallic kitchen utensil such as a knife into the toaster, it may conduct the voltage into your body when it gets in contact with a conducting part of the toaster.

A toaster is an electronic appliance, its coils are not insulated and therefore can send an electric current through any conductor that gets in contact with them.

Whenever you put off the toaster, as long as the toaster’s cable is still plugged into a source of electricity, they will be some charge coursing through the coils.

Therefore, when you put in a conducting material such as a knife, the will lead the current straight into your body.(Read Also:Can A Grinder Runs On An Inverter? )

The electrocution from a toaster that is plugged in is far worse than that from a toaster that is off. The severity of electrocution depends on the amount of current, types of metal involved, how long the person remains hooked to the source of electricity and whether the feet are in contact with the floor or not.

How dangerous is sticking a knife into a toaster when it’s off?

Some of the things we take for granted are in reality a big deal and have cost we people their lives. An excellent example of such is putting a knife into a toaster to remove a toast or parts of a toast that got stuck in the toaster.

Somehow, we have heard of how potentially dangerous this could be, unaware of the magnitude of the risk, some persons ignore all the warnings and continue to take such an unnecessary risk.

When your toast gets stuck, and this happens sometimes, even with a perfectly fitting toast, the solution to this is not to rush for the kitchen knife to get it unstuck.

Even if you wish to use the knife to get this out, at least ensure to not only put off the toaster but to completely unplug it.

Do not think for a second that it is okay to put a knife into a toaster that is turned off but still plugged into a source of electricity because it is not.

I couldn’t believe the statistics on people who suffered electrocution annually from their toasters. Before now, I understood toasters just like any other electronic appliance have some risk associated with them, I however did not understand to what extent the risk was.

Studies show that 700 persons every year suffer fr severe burn injuries as a result of electrocution from a toaster. Also, about 300 persons for annually in the US from electrocution caused by a toaster. 

These statistics made me more careful about my toaster and got me to learn more about the precautionary measures to take as regards a toaster and how to stay safe while using a toaster. Some of these measures include:

  • Ensure to unplug the toaster before removing the toast. This is applicable when you wish to remove the toast with your bare fingers or with any other material.
  • Never use a knife, fork, or similar metallic kitchen utensil to remove a toast from the toaster especially while the toaster is still connected to a source of electricity.
  • Wooden tongs are preferable tools. getting your toast out of the toaster
  • The toaster is not to be kept close to a water source such as a sink. they are also to be kept far away from a splash zone in the kitchen.
  • It is important to always clean out the toaster as frequently as possible, the remains of food in the toaster may cause a fire outbreak.

Can you get fatally electrocuted from poking a knife into a toaster oven that is off?

When you put a knife or similar tool into a toaster, the degree of electrocution may cause mild injuries, internal organ damage, or lead to the death of the person.

The chances of suffering a fatal experience are higher when you attempt to put the knife in while your feet are directly in touch with the floor. The floor being a conductor of electricity would attract the voltage from the toaster, turning your body into a conductor.

As the current runs through your body and into the floor, it continues to damage internal organs such as the heart.

If this person remains hooked to the toaster, the electricity will eventually execute him by causing ventricular fibrillation. This is the same cause of death of criminals how are sentenced to death by electrocution.

The ventricles which are chambers of the heart begin to contract without relaxing. Without a relaxation phase, the ventricles will not be filled with blood, this leads to a circulatory failure and eventual death of the individual.(Read Also:Can You Use A Toaster Oven On A Wooden Table?)

Electrocution from a toaster can therefore be potentially fatal and life-threatening. When you think of it, this incidence can be completely avoided, so, why do people keep getting electrocuted by their toasters? Modern electronic appliances are now made with safety features, so most people feel safe believing their appliances are completely safe, this is however far from the truth. 

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Why must a toaster be unplugged before using a knife to remove a toast?

How do you normally remove your toast from the toaster once you’re done? Do you leave the toaster’s cable plugged in while you reach in for your toast? How do you get the toast out of the toaster? With your fingers, a knife, fork, or wooden tongs? The answers to these questions are crucial as they may help save a life out there.

Learn how to use the toaster properly, the safety precautions, and best practices. Carelessness around the toaster and certain unlicensed practices have cost some persons their lives and left others with serious injuries. There is therefore a huge need to teach users of toasters the dos and don’ts of the kitchen appliance.

One of the most crucial steps before removing your toast from a toaster is to unplug the cable of the toaster. Whether you are intending to remove the toast with your fingers, a knife, or a fork, it is important to unplug the toast from the source of electricity in all cases.

Without unplugging the toaster, you risk electrocution when you attempt to use your fingers, knife or fork, or any other metallic tool to remove a toast from a toaster that is still plugged into a source of electricity. (Read Also:Do Toaster Strudels Expire?)

The coils within a toaster constitute the conducting components of the toaster, when the toaster is plugged into a source of electric current, the electricity travels through the cable to the coils and heats the coils, creating the heat with which the toaster uses in toasting whatever was placed in its slots.

When you attempt to remove the toast with a knife, or accidentally the knife touches any aspect of the coil or any other conducting components of the toaster, the electricity within the coils is rapidly sent across your body in milliseconds.(Read Also:Can You Get Electrocuted If The Toaster Is Off?)

Sometimes, you may get away with such risky practice when the knife is used on only the top of most of the toast that sticks out of the toaster.

Rather than taking such an unnecessary risk, it is safer to much better to unplug the toaster and use any means you desire to remove the toast.

After unplugging the toast, it does not matter how you remove the toast from the toaster, you can comfortably use your fingers, a knife, a fork, or any other tool, metallic or not, it does not matter at this point.

While the cable of the toaster is still connected to a source of electricity, wooden tongs can be used to safely get out the toast.

Wooden tongs are nonconductors of electricity, the voltage in the toaster coils cannot travel through the wooden tongs to your body. They are therefore the most ideal tools for getting out your toast from a toaster.(Read Also:Can You Get Shocked By A Toaster?)

Can You Put A Knife In The Toaster When It’s Off – Conclusion

Putting a knife into a toaster to remove the toast when the toaster is off but still plugged in may be more dangerous than you thought.

This is one habit you must avoid. Use of knife in the toaster, particularly on stuck toast even when the toaster is unplugged from a source of electricity may not equally be as safe as you thought, this could potentially lead to a fire outbreak later on. 

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