Can You Get Shocked By A Toaster?

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There are kitchen appliances that look perfectly safe and yet have accounted for more fatalities than you could ever imagine. A perfect example of such is the toaster, how dangerous is this small kitchen appliance? Stick around to find out.

So, can you get shocked by a toaster? Yes, you can very well get shocked by a toaster. The toaster is usually taken for granted, most people who ended up getting shocked from a toaster are mostly engage in careless behaviors such as poking tools such as knives, forks, and other metallic objects into the toaster.

Toasters are not like electric stoves; their coils are widely exposed and non-insulated. A toaster is not part of the kitchen appliances to be toyed with.

It is considered a high-risk practice to stick any metal object into a toaster, as this may lead to some serious consequences.

why you can get shocked by a toaster?

to understand why a toaster can get you shocked, we must take a look at the working mechanism of a toaster. So, how does the toaster get your toast ready?

You must have noticed the inside of the toaster turning red whenever it is plugged into a source of electricity. This heat is what is used to get whatever you put into the toaster ready for consumption.

The toaster has a set of electric coils that receive voltage from the cord plugged into the wall socket. The electricity in the coil creates the heat energy that gets the food toasted and ready for eating. This is more or less the working mechanism of a toaster, irrespective of the type of toaster.

Unlike other electrical kitchen appliances, the coils of a toaster are not insulated, this, therefore, makes the toaster one of the most likely kitchen appliances to cause an electric shock especially when a conducting material such as a knife or fork is put into it.

While using a toaster at home, ensure to warn the kids about the danger associated with the toaster as it may seem fun to play this seemingly harmless appliance.

Tell them about practices such as putting a knife or fork in the toaster and how that could put their lives in danger.

And as you don’t need to be told to avoid experimenting with a potentially dangerous appliance. Putting a knife or fork in the toaster is one stunt may regret.

Similarly, do not attempt to repair the toaster yourself especially if you are not a licensed electrician, just someone trying his luck to see if he can save some bucks on the repair.

Studies show that a good number of persons electrocuted either from practices such as putting a knife in the toaster or attempting to repair it.(Read Also:Can You Use A Toaster Oven On A Wooden Table?)

A faulty toaster should be taken to a licensed repair person, an electrician with the right qualification. Take very good care of your toaster as even the repair of this appliance does not come cheap.

can you get shocked by an unplugged toaster?

An unplugged toaster may seem the most harmless appliance in the kitchen. Without the cord plugged into the wall socket, it is impossible to get shocked by a toaster.

Does this mean you can go ahead to put a knife, fork, or whatever metallic object you can lay your hands into the toaster? Absolutely no.

Even when unplugged, putting a sharp metallic object into the toaster is also not a good idea. this is because, the knife or fork or whatever is put into the toaster can accidentally scratch any of the electrically conducting components of the toaster, disengage a wire, or bend any of the coils. 

Consequently, this may lead to getting shocked from the toaster by simply touching the external surface the next time it is plugged.

The loose coil may get in touch with the casing of the toaster, sending electricity throughout the body of the toaster which can get you shocked.(Read Also:Can A Grinder Runs On An Inverter? )

Secondly, such a practice of poking a knife or fork into the toaster while it is unplugged could disconnect a wire and may cause the toaster to stop working.

Remember, repairing a toaster doe not come cheap nor is getting a new one. It is, therefore, preferable to avoid practices such as this and follow the appropriate guidelines on how to use the toaster.

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How fatal is getting shocked from a toaster?

Electric shock from a toaster may be mild and may not require hospitalization. However, in some instances, shock from a toaster can be severe as require immediate hospitalization.

The fatality of shock from a toaster depends on several factors, the most important of which is the amount of voltage.

In the UK for example, the amount of voltage supplied is about 220 while in the US, voltage is half this amount, that is, 110. This implies shock from a toaster in the UK will be more fatal than that in the US. However, even with a voltage of 110, a toaster can still cause a pretty nasty experience.

One other thing to consider in terms of the fatality of a shock from a toaster is how long you remain latched to the toaster.(Read Also:Why Is My Food Processor Leaking From The Bottom?)

Some individuals are unable to immediately detach themselves from the toaster timely enough to reduce the damaging effects of the shock, while others, unfortunately, remain latched on, long enough to suffer organ damage and in some cases instant death.

In the case whereby your feet are in direct contact with the ground, your body is converted to a conductor, conveying electric charge from the toaster to the ground.

This is the severest form of shock from a toaster, such a person will remain latched on until drained of life.

It is discouraged to attempt disengaging such an individual, unless with a non-conducting pole or similar material. (Read Also:Do Toaster Strudels Expire?)

Individuals who have just suffered electrocution should be checked for signs of breathing and circulation and if cardiopulmonary resuscitation should be carried out on them while you await the paramedics.

Precautionary measures to avoid getting shocked by a toaster

It is better safe than sorry, prevention they say is better than cure. Always learn to avoid dangerous and precarious situations by taking the necessary precautions. So, here are some of the guidelines and safety measures involving the use of a toaster.(Read Also:Why Do Taco Shells Catch Fire In A Toaster Oven?)

  • Avoid putting anything metallic in the toaster slots. Metallic objects such as knives or forks can conduct electricity straight from the toaster into your body. It is a dangerous practice to use a t=knife or fork to remove a toast from the toaster. When a toaster is jammed, for example, it is best to use a wooden tool, such as wooden tongs to bring out the food.
  • It is important to store the toaster in a clean dry environment away from the source of water such as the sink and also far from a splash zone.
  • Clean the toaster regularly, this could help prevent fire outbreaks. crumbs of food stuck in the toaster could become a source of fuel and catch fire from the heat of the coils. This may catch onto other flammable materials in the kitchen leading to a catastrophic outcome.
  • At the very first time of noticing a fault in the toaster, ensure to unplug and take it for repair. Sometimes while using the toaster, you may observe certain abnormal noises, or notice the cord is hotter than normal, ensure to unplug and take it for repair. Any damage to the cord is a gateway to electrocution, stop using such a toaster until the cord is replaced.
  • Ensure to unplug the toaster when not in active use. Before getting anything out of the toaster either with your finger or anything else, ensure to always unplug the cord from the wall socket.
  • Do not buy your toaster from fake vendors, ensure to buy only from the manufactures directly. The fake toaster is more likely to get you shocked for no good reason and is also less durable.
  • Avoid buying a fairly used toaster. It is preferable to buy a brand new toaster. The older electronic appliances get the greater the chances of malfunctioning. It is, therefore, more likely to get shocked by an old toaster than from a brand-new one.
  • Always follow the directive of the manufacture while using, cleaning, or storing your toaster.
  • If you have children in the house, make sure to cation them about the dos and don’ts of using a toaster. Keep a close eye on them whenever you can.
  • Avoid cleaning the inside of the toaster with water, yes, the outside can be cleaned with a wet towel, the inside however should not be made wet.

Can You Get Shocked By A Toaster – Conclusion

The toaster is not as harmless as it looks. They say the innocent-looking things are the most dangerous, this adage fits perfectly with the toaster.

The staggering statistics on the number of people who have been shocked by a toaster the need to be more careful while using this kitchen appliance.

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